Zero Waste

Helping You Achieve Zero Waste

Landfill Diversion Solutions Made Easy

What Is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste is defined differently by each client. Some clients define it as no material or only a small percentage of material that can be sent to landfill; some clients define it as limited waste-to-energy or incineration; and some clients define it more in terms of the practices of their facilities and the culture of their people.

No matter how Zero Waste is defined, Complete Recycling understands that the following is crucial in helping clients achieve their Zero Waste goals:

  • Subject matter expertise on recyclables and beneficial reuse opportunities 
  • Education for identifying recyclable vs. non-recyclable items
  • Easy to implement processes
  • Consistent communication and site visits 
  • Creative solutions for hard-to-recycle byproducts

We are dedicated to helping organizations reach their Zero Waste goals. Whether it’s locating alternative outlets to landfill, implementing cost-reducing solutions, or helping to establish a sustainability goal or budget, contact us to learn about how we can help.

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