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Click below to read real-life examples of how our vast network of partners, combined with our creative approach to recycling has saved our clients money & helped them reach their landfill diversion goals.

Recycling Success Stories

Reuse vs. Recycling

Various materials have a greater value from reuse rather than recycling. Our team successfully identified one-time used corrugated cardboard boxes for a global food manufacturer and sold them within the reusable marketplace increasing profits by more than 100%. 

Streamline Operations 

Complete Recycling managed the organization of the collection process for a Fortune 500 manufacturing plant, which greatly assisted to their Lean Manufacturing processes. Through a customized design plan, we implemented a solution which captured recyclables directly on their production floor causing this client to completely eliminate wasteful double-handing policies, and significantly reducing their indirect spend. 

Segregate Recyclables

We strive for innovation, which is how we created an additional revenue stream by segregating recyclables. We educated a company’s distribution centers, that certain items are significantly more profitable when kept separate from other recyclables. This simple change alone increased recycling proceeds by more than 50%.

Zero Waste Success Stories

Animal Feed

Our team managed a landfill diversion program for a Fortune 100 manufacturer, where packaged and unpackaged hard-to-recycle food waste was collected, de-packaged, processed and used as feed for thousands of animals. This by-product was especially hard to process due to the hardship it places on processing equipment; as a result, there were no consumers within close proximity that would accept this type of by-product. Through Complete Recycling’s extensive network, we were able to identify a capable channel partner that was not previously in the region and convinced them to build a plant in the region to process this by-product into animal feed. 

Anaerobic Digestion / Compost

Complete Recycling designed and implemented a sustainability program which included creative solutions for multiple waste streams and detailed analytics tracking causing an international food processor to reach their landfill diversion goal. With simple onsite training from our team, our client was able to significantly decrease their total waste generated and hard-to-recycle organic materials were diverted to an anaerobic digestion facility.  

Waste To Energy

We partnered with a multi-national cosmetic manufacturer, where a large volume of their organic products were deemed unsalable. These products were sorted offsite to recover any recyclable materials, with the remaining items used to power a cement kiln.

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