The Impact of Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) On Waste From Manufacturers & Distributors

As the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to impact our everyday lives, it’s particularly wreaking havoc on industries affiliated with retail, hospitality, travel, and entertainment (to name a few).  While it’s easy to think about the direct providers in these industries (i.e. restaurants, bars, hotels, movie theaters, clothing stores, etc.), let’s not forget about the businesses that support these providers.  Specifically, let’s discuss Food & Beverage manufacturers and distributors.

Many Food & Beverage manufacturers are classified as an “essential service”.  This means that they receive certain protections from the government because they are deemed to provide a service or good that is critical to the well being of the population.  Many of these businesses are experiencing high levels of production to keep up with the demand as consumers continue to stock up on groceries and food items.  

However, a large segment of the Food & Beverage industry provides services to bars, restaurants, schools, and hotels to name a few.  These businesses have experienced an abrupt halt as local governments have enacted mandates to temporarily close these businesses and restrict the number of people that can congregate.  How these businesses survive and the negative impact of the novel coronavirus on their operations will be seen in the coming weeks and months as this pandemic continues to play out.  

Whether a Food & Beverage manufacturer or distributor is experiencing record sales or is navigating a virtual standstill, smart and strategic decisions as well as reducing costs are paramount as the effects of the novel coronavirus are still unknown.  In particular, many options today exist for less expensive alternatives to landfill for excess inventory, expired goods, and food byproducts from the manufacturing process.  Having smart waste solutions in place and working with a strong waste and recycling partner can significantly help businesses during this scary and uncertain time.  

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